Pneumatic telescopic masts for photography system.

NOTE: As of Jan 2015 we will be supplying masts to suit our roof trolley system and camera mount from selected outside suppliers.

We supply a mast with the system complete so there is no need to buy it seperately and doing so will not save cost as we supply the mast to you at the mast makers factory price.
If you do buy a mast seperately be aware any transport of a mast not fitted to the roof trolley system risks possible damage to the aluminium mast.
For this reason we advise it is delivered directly to us to be fitted to the unit after which it will be safely secured to the vehicle roof trolley unit and no longer at risk of damage.

There are two options for masts we supply and fit with systems from Australian Dealer / Agent
Clark Mast YM194-7P (19.34 Metre mast with 127mm base section diameter)
Fireco Mast CE.67XX.NA (20 Metre mast with 127mm base section diameter)
Contact us for pricing.

Images show Clark YM194-7P Mast fitted to our RVV roof trolley system on a vehicle.

**** Note the pole system shown on this vehicle is for sale as the owner retiring early and the unit is still in new condition, he is located in Melb. Contact us for his details.

Clark Mast - Front view Clark Mast - Rear view Clark Mast - Base with mast vertical

In UK Clark mast also provide a mast with similar base section diameter that is the YT series mast.
YT-21 being the 21 metre mast. (We have fitted these on our roof mount system already.)

In USA Hilomast provide a mast with similar base section diameter and suitable to fit on our roof trolley system.
NL-21 being the 21.7 metre mast.

All the above masts have a 127mm (5 inch) base section diameter and are 7 section non locking pneumatic masts, weigh around 80kg for mast alone which is why it needs to be fixed to a vehicle to use.
Other masts Clark in Aus or EU / Hilo in USA provide in those series of masts YS,YT and NL would also fit our roof trolley system so please contact us for fitting other models and provide details of mast you prefer to use.

Please note our 20 metre mast units manufactured at our factory in Australia since 2005 are no longer available. We have stocks of replacement parts for service of existing units however will not be selling the 20 metre Australian made unit any longer.

We have decided after making them for ten years there are mounting reasons as to why making the mast part of our systems is not viable compared to the rest of the equipment we make and sell still that covers all other aspects of the mast photography systems.

There is a considerable investment on going to manufacture a highly specific mast for photography needs that includes cost to maintain private extrusion dies to ensure quality tube supply and carrying large stocks of tubing mill runs.

We have decided to instead make use of telescopic mast units manufactured already by companies listed above that are as close as possible to those we made that can all fit into our latest roof trolley mountings systems just as our own mast did and can also accept our camera mounting systems with approiate pivot adapter provided with it to suit the model of mast.

Heavy Duty telescopic masts.

RVV 20 metre and 15 metre mast units are made in large diameter base using 3mm thin walled tubing that provides the stability in wind without the need for guy ropes and at the same time a mast that is lighter on the vehicle roof.

Other manufacturers of 20m masts with 140mm base diameter are designed to carry heavy loads and not just a DSLR camera on top, they have thicker wall tubing in lower sections and more sections.

The result of this is that to buy a mast with a large diameter base section for camera stability in winds you get a mast that is almost 100 Kg to begin with before you even add the roof mounting system taking it to or above the 150Kg limits with no safety margin.

The more sections you have for a shorter stored length the more slack between sections elevated and more weight in parts for each section.

They also cost a good deal more. If you compare our price to the cost of a 20 metre mast with 140mm base section from any other mast manufacturers and you will see there is a difference of more than $2,000.

20 Metre telescopic masts - Top 20 Metre telescopic masts - Base

We manufacture masts that have the properties you do need and not those you dont need and the result is a cheaper mast suited only to carrying a small load on top like a DSLR camera and pan tilt mount.

Due to limited market for specific camera mast systems other mast manufacturers do not make a mast to suit that specific need and we do at RVV.
If we could have used a mast to suit from a company that already made one to suit our complete system solutions then we would have from the begining but could not find such a mast to suit.

RVV invested in making a mast system for that specific purpose of carrying imaging equipment and not exceeding vehicle roof loads because our focus is not just to sell poles but to sell a complete package for specific industries of which the pole is only one part of.

In addition to the mast dimensions RVV masts have other features such as internal impact bumpers on both ends of each tubing internally and externally to allow storing of the mast quickly without hard slamming of the sections.
Each piston inside the mast has porting to control descent of each section independently to ensure no section can free fall due to rapid loss of air that can cause damage to camera mount and mast sections.

RVV mast allow the smallest tip section to be locked down and not elevate to allow operations in very strong winds whilst fully pressurised
Lubrication is not by silicone grease like all other masts that requires the mast to be dis-assembled to replace.
RVV mast has an oiling system that allows owners to lubricate the internal parts easily by injecting a synthetic oil and done a few times a year ensure no internal wear nor any need to pull appart a mast to lubricate it.

Other features include maximum pressure safety valve, large seperate intake and exhaust ball valve to provide free flow of large air volume that mast require to elevatye rapidly.
Masts can also be fitted with a sensor that detects when the mast is full lowered and provides visual or audible warning a mast is still elevated and should not be disconnected to store until it is fully lowered.

Please contact RVV for more information, we have many alternative solutions for specific needs for industry that we can provide if you have a very specific needs.