If you are planning to use a telescopic pole system for professional elevated photography or high detail aerial asset safety inspections then we have the solutions.

We take the guess work out of putting together a system so you can have the right photography pole gear from the very start and ready to use from when you take delivery without trial and error or technical hurdles to negotiate.

Elevated image capture mast equipment has always been our focus to provide the best photography and inspection equipment packages for those who want to get straight down to business using the equipment. And want a system that they can rely on to always work, with direct after sales service from the manufacturer.

Supplying complete systems since 2005 has given us a vast amount of specific feedback from operators that has allowed us over some years to develop packages that provide all that is required.

A telescopic mast solution compliments the operations of Drones to allow aerial photographers to meet the photo clients objectives which is that they get the shots they want and not that they use a Drone or Pole to do it.

We have a number of mast and camera mount options from the top of the range as shown in the site down to smaller cheaper systems.

Please browse our selection of equipment packages and contact us if you would like more information and pricing.