Mobile telescopic mast vehicle mounting system.

Vehicle mounted mast units allow for the use of heavier duty masts that are more stable allowing operation in average wind conditions and saves having to explain to clients you can't do a shoot because of wind.
Using high shutter speeds on a thinner mast looses dynamic range and makes shooting at the golden hour periods of low light difficult and twighlight real estate shots nearly impossible.

See video below demonstrating the operation of the roof trolley unit.

Download Operation Manual PDF for more detailed information on Mast operation.


Images show the angles that the mast can be adjusted to compensate for the vehicle being on uneven terrain while keeping the mast vertical, this ensures smoother mast operations and less wear of parts in the mast as well as keeps the entire mast vertical to avoid any chance of tip over.

Top of telescopic mast angled rearward Top of telescopic mast angled forward Top of telescopic mast angled to the side

For inspection applications using a zoom lens is crucial to get high detail without having the be located right next to the thing being inspected, that in the case of powerlines constitues a deadly hazard.
To be able to use high zoom lenses like 300mm zoom at some safe distance away requires precise camera positioning control such as we provide and above all a very stable mast to hold the camera still enough to frame a shot at high zoom.

The roof mounting system design considerations are not just to carry the mast on the vehicle roof, it also has to be easy to use and safe to deploy many times a day without physical exertion.
And has to be rugged enough to handle the main source of wear in vehicle mount systems which is road vibration and not simply use of the equipment to deploy the mast.
It also has to be rigid on the roof to spread the loads accross the roof rack mountings and not place all the load on just one bar that can cause distortion of the roof guttering and failure of the roof rack ends.

With an experienced qualifed motor mechanic at RVV we have the ability to design equipment to be fitted to vehicles with due regard to the effect on the vehicle itself to ensure the mast does not cause a problem for the vehicle structurally or adversely effect handling as well as being compliant with vehicle regulations for road worhtyness and secured loads.

Our new heavy duty roof trolley system (in the video) is constructed from tubular steel as a pre stressed span made from one end to the other to be straight and self supportive along its full length.

It is very strong and light weight but also very rigid allowing it to be fitted over 2 adequate roof bars instead of 3 (not removable types) without any cantilever frame to support front overhang that adds even more to the total roof mounting weight by 30kg at least.
Also while maintaning the straightness of the internal running tracks of the unit that provide ease of operation.

The mast and supporting beam slide on two seperate V tracks with steel V rollers and PU pinch rollers all with sealed ball races for precision motion of the unit with no excess clearance or slack that causes not just noise but wear from road vibration during transit that itself accelerates wear as slack increases.

The two main pivoting parts have grease nipples to allow easy lubrication and thus long life operation.
The whole unit is zinc passivated and plated bright near chrome quality silver, so it looks good and will not rust at all or tarnish with age. In addition latches, locking pins and locking plates are all stainless steel.

The roof trolley can be supplied with various mounting foot plates to suit either 3 x removable HD Rhino roof rack bars or 2 x fixed rigid floor to roof hoop bars in utility / pickup vehicles with tray or rear tub such as the vehicle in the video that may have a canopy as well.

Systems can be fitted to vehicles by anyone semi skilled with lifting equipment and basic hand tools. No holes to drill into the vehicle body. Our complete units fit to off the shelf Rhino brand roof racks that are made to suit numerous vehicles in many countries.