DSLR Camera mount Pan Tilt systems.

Camera mount for our full size vehicle mast units includes Pan, Tilt, Rotate (Portrait / Landscape) axis and Zoom drive to provide full positional capability, all controls are proportional by joystick not push button.
Our camera mounts can be used on any brand of heavy duty telescopic masts.

Strong anodised aluminium stacked frame design with dual precision ball bearings at all axis.
All stainless steel fasteners and all toothed belt drive systems to provide strong drive to axis.

Dual ball bearing and metal gear servos with properly splined drive pulleys not using adapters to ensure no freeplay like gears have that can make aiming a high zoom lens difficult.

We have options for secure wireless control using industrial grade Bluetooth with matched antenna at both ends of the wireless connection to Laptop. That provides 360 degrees continuous rotation of Pan axis and a 100+ degrees of tilt and rotation axis to not just turn a camera from landscape to portrait position but also level the camera in both positions to account for leaning of the mast

DSLR camera control is via OEM WiFi unit supplied that provides full control of settings and viewing through lens and can be used on less crowded 5.8 Ghz band 802.11a WiFi. Alternatively a 2.4 Ghz WiFi CamRanger camera control that allows through lens viewing on a laptop, IPad or iPhone as well as camera settings.